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Cases Accepted:

All Criminal Matters Including

  • Fraud

  • Assault

  • Burglary

  • DUI

  • Drug Possession

  • Homicide

  • Juvenile Charges

  • Probation Violations

Civil Cases Accepted:
  • Personal Injury

  • Divorce

  • Foreclosure Defense

  • General Civil Litigation

And More

George E. Reres, Esq.

George Edward Reres was the 2016 Broward Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association: “Gulkin Award” winner. It is the most prestigious award given in the field of criminal law, and recognizes a lifetime of accomplishments as well as the respect of his peers.

Mr. Reres had his first trial in a Broward County courtroom over 35 years ago. Over the ensuing years, he has been lead counsel in over 200 Felony Jury Trials, over 100 of them for charges carrying up to life in prison. He has been trial counsel in 27 First Degree Murder trials.


Mr. Reres’s cases have been featured in the national media and covered live nationwide on CourtTV, MSNBC, CBS News, 60 Minutes, and the WE Network. His work and legal opinions have been reported on and commented on numerous times in Local and National print media.


Mr. Reres has represented 6 different defendants whose alleged crimes were featured on the popular television program, “America’s Most Wanted”.


From 2013 through 2016, Mr. Reres has won FIVE ACQUITTALS. In cases where his clients faced a likely life sentence including a co-defendant First Degree Murder case where Mr. Reres’s client was acquitted while the co-defendant was convicted and sentenced to life.


From 2004 to 2008, Mr. Reres was a member of the prestigious “FPDA Death Penalty Steering Committee”. He is a former Editor of the Capital Motions Sections of FDPA Death Penalty Training Manual, and has assisted mentoring and training numerous younger attorneys to handle capital cases.


When the United States Supreme Court recently ruled Florida’s death penalty unconstitutional in the Hurst case, Justice Sotomayor’s ruling was already familiar to Mr. Reres. He and his former trial partner, now Circuit Judge Sandra Perlman, were the first attorneys in the state of Florida to make that winning argument more than 15 years ago!


Mr. Reres was also one of the first attorneys in Florida to train psychologists and social workers as “Mitigation Specialists” in Capital cases. The use of mitigation specialists is now the standard in the Federal Criminal Justice System, and in most states.


Mr. Reres has been a Lecturer/Speaker at the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, and has lectured at Nova University on Psychology and the Law, and at the Liven College of Law at the University of Florida on Jury Selection in High Profile Cases.


He is a three-time winner of the Hat Trick Award by the Broward County Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association, presented after twice winning 3 not guilty felony trial verdicts in a row.


Mr. Reres has extensive experience working with experts in the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry, Forensic Pathology, Jury Selection, Criminal Forensics, Arson, DNA, Ballistics, Fingerprints, Internet Crimes, Organized Fraud, Forensic Accounting, and many more.


Mr. Reres was recognized numerous times as the Capital/Major Crimes Attorney of the Year in the Broward Public Defenders Office, where he was looked to as a trusted source of legal knowledge and sought out for tips on trial strategy by numerous younger attorneys over his career, many of whom are now judges.


More than a battle-tested trial attorney, Mr. Reres cares about the clients he represents and has always taken a personal interest in trying to help them to better their lives and solve their problems, both in and out of the legal system. Mr. Reres recognizes that the issues that people bring to court arise in the context of their personal life history, so he takes time to answer questions for concerned family members, and tries to direct them to resources in the community that can help.


If you retain Mr. Reres to represent you, he will make a commitment to you to be on your side; he will support and defend you regardless of the accusations against you.


 No legal problem is too big or too small for Mr. Reres to handle. He is a high-profile attorney with a decidedly low-profile attitude.


George Edward Reres is a member of the Broward County Bar Association, Broward County Criminal Defense Attorneys Association, and Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys Association. He is licensed to practice law by the Florida Bar and the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida.


George E. Reres, Esq.

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