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ReresLaw News

Mr. Reres’s reputation as a skilled and successful Trial Lawyer got another boost recently. From November to mid-December, Mr. Reres won 3 MAJOR FELONY JURY TRIALS in a row, obtaining NOT GUILTY verdicts on charges of: Armed Home Invasion and Armed Robbery in one case, Armed Robbery and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon in a second, and Delivery of Cocaine within 1000 feet of a City Park in a third.


Mr. Reres’s reputation as a skilled Appellate Attorney also got a boost by the December 3rd REVERSAL in the cases of Raul Cosme v. State. Mr. Cosme will now be able to present evidence to reverse a thirty-year sentence.


Mr. Reres’s Appellate practice was already growing nicely after an outstanding victory with a REVERSAL AND DISMISSAL in the case of Damoah v. State,  decided in April 2016. In Damoah, the 4th District Court of Appeals noted that the jury instruction drafted and requested by Mr. Reres, but denied by the Court, was thereafter adopted as a new Standard Jury Instruction in Vehicular Homicide Cases.


George Edward Reres was the 2016 Broward Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association: “Gulkin Award” winner. It is the most prestigious award given in the field of criminal law, and recognizes a lifetime of accomplishments as well as the respect of his peers.

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